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[Updated] T-ara’s Eunjung drops out of ‘Five Fingers’

You people need to get more original and stop with the determination shit. Those tweets happened almost a month ago and yet you’re still on it, like move on with your life.

Also, stop with the whole #TeamHwayoung and #TeamAntiT-error shit, you all just seem immature. No one was TeamHwayoung before any of this happened and now people started to know about her and started saying that they’re die hard fans. Yeah,right. You don’t genuinely care about Hwayoung at all because if you did, you would respect her and listen to her when she asked you all to stop. You’re only looking for a way to start up more drama, just stop trying to jump on the bandwagon.

And don’t say that you’re looking out for Hwayoung and her well being and also for
Hyoyoung because you’re not. Hyoyoung could had done anything in her power to try to get out of CCM if she truly wanted. With everything thing that happened with her sister, she could had gotten herself a lawyer and try to her contract terminated, but did she? I don’t think so. And don’t say it would had been hard for her to do so because it really wouldn’t at all. She would had gotten sympathy from everyone and they would had helped her get out of CCM if she wanted, but she didn’t.

Plus, you’re all bullies. What makes you any better than T-ara if they did in fact bullied her? It wouldn’t because you’re just as worse or more. Don’t say that it’s because they ‘bullied’ Hwayoung that you’re doing it because that’s just the dumbest thing that I’ve ever heard. Bullying is all the same. Plus, whatever happened between them is really only between them, not the public. We all want the truth, but if its the truth that we want to hear, then it’s all lies. If you get the truth and you still don’t believe it, then it’s time for you to move on and do something else with your life because no matter what, you won’t believe anything unless it benefits whatever side you’re on.

And to those that are saying that this is karma and that she deserves this, then let me know when your karma is gonna come and screw you over.

Seriously, just get over this. It’s a problem that only concerns those that were there and are involved not anyone else. If you truly care about bullying and what to make a statement about it, then start doing it in your community, not online where no one really cares.

I think it’s just so hypocritical that people didn’t want to watch it because she was there and now that she isn’t, they will watch it now and say it will be a hit. Talk about maturity. If you truly wanted to watch it, then you would had, even if it had someone you didn’t like. There are other characters in the drama, not only the main ones. Consider it like school, there might be someone that you hate in class, but you deal with it because they’re not the only person in that class. If you didn’t want to watch her scenes, then skip it or close your eyes.

In other words:

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